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I'd love to meet you for a Chick-fil-A milkshake (cookies & cream is my fave) or coffee (iced white peppermint mocha) and hear about how you met!

*The name, Lainey Bug Photography, comes from my daughter's nickname, Lainey Bug.  I became serious about photography and started my business after she was born. My name is Jill.
*I am a Wife to an awesome guy who was my college sweetheart and we have three active kiddos, two sons and a daughter, who inspire me to do what I do with photography! 

*Wedding days are so special, not only because of the beautiful day and all it entails, but because it is the start of a beautiful marriage.  If you are someone who is excited about your wedding day, but even more so for being married, then we might be a match!!

*My beliefs - Quite simply put, I want to show love to my couples and their families, just as God has shown love to me! No matter who you are or what you believe, I am going to treat you with love and kindness, period.

*Fun fact - I grew up moving around the United States because my Dad was in the Air Force.  Having to start over every couple years and make new friends, helped make me the person I am today, and now I can make friends and get along with just about anyone!!

*I'm a softie at heart, who cries easily at the father-daughter and mother-son dances.
*I become friends with my couples, and help them through their beautiful, yet sometimes hectic, wedding day!

*I will be the first to notice when you need a short break to grab a drink of water, or take a moment to go freshen up, and I'll speak up to make sure it happens!

*I will give you direction and help in posing for portraits so you don't feel awkward standing there, yet make sure you feel comfortable and natural so that your
one-of-a-kind relationship to each other comes through in each finished image!

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"From our very first meeting, my fiance & I knew Jill was the one. She was inquisitive by way of wanting to get to know us so she could provide a personalized portfolio for us." - Ashley & Peyton

the LBP bride

She is beautiful inside and out.

She trusts her photographer on her wedding day.

She appreciates the value of marriage.

She loves a plan, but can be flexible when needed.

She loves bride and groom portraits.

She is so excited to marry her best friend.

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